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Why Buy Locally Produced Food?

  • Energy conservation and climate stability: To reduce energy used for long-distance food transport. Grocery store food travels an average of approximately 1,500 miles from production site to consumer plates, needlessly pumping more carbon dioxide into our atmosphere along the way! (Leopold Center, 2001)
  • Freshness and flavor: Locally grown foods are transported much shorter distances, which results in a fresher product with increased shelf-life and increased flavor.
  • Knowing the source: Our lives revolve around all aspects of food. As such, knowing where our food comes from creates a sense of personal involvement and responsibility and builds relationships throughout the community.
  • Strengthening local economy: Buying and selling locally grown foods keeps the money in our communities rather than exporting it to distant, multinational corporations, whose size and power are problematic to democracy and income equality.
  • Direct Accountability: A direct farmer-consumer relationship allows for a communication of standards concerning food quality and the overall environmental impact a farms operations.
  • Health: Locally grown foods are more likely to be grown in soil that is not leached of natural nutrients, thus passing on those nutrients to the produce.
  • Supporting family farms and farmland preservation: Buying local foods supports family farmers who are not able, or who do not wish to compete with the larger corporate farms on their own terms. This, in turn, allows family farmers to preserve their land for future generations.
  • Food security: Dependence on large producers from distant sources has the potential to increase food insecurity. Any break in the food system could prevent foods from arriving at destinations.
  • Food safety: Local foods are also produced on a smaller scale, reducing exposure to contaminants from large processing facilities.



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