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We would like to give thanks and credit to all of those people who gave of their time, effort, and resources to make this directory a reality.

A special thank you to Holly Tilton and Jacqueline Langland, our interns, for dedicating many hours to this project, and to our members Kristianna Gehant, Laura Wight, Rebecca Terk, and Laura Wight, Rebecca Terk, and Lauri Chaplin who went above and beyond in their efforts to support their directory.

We also want to thank our Small Farms Committee, whose sustained vision and efforts spurred the creation of the first directory and brought about the printing of the updated and expanded second edition.

And finally, thank you to all of the wonderful South Dakota producers who work hard to provide healthy, fresh, and abundant local food to the people of this state, and to the consumers who choose to support their friends and neighbors by buying locally. Together, we can create a vibrant local food system in South Dakota.

Please remember to thank our advertisers for financially supporting this publication!



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